De Lisbon Song

In de Lisbon Song wordt het ingewikkelde Verdrag van Lissabon omgetoverd tot een tekst die iedereen kan begrijpen. De muziek is van Bob Dylan (The times are a’changing) en de tekst gaat zo:

Lisbon Song

Come gather round people
I want to explain
the treaty of Lisbon
by means of a game.
It is fun, it’s real cool
you’ll be carried away
and it takes only sixty-six minutes to play.
And you will be surprised
because towards the end
it is you who might be EU-President.

Come parents and teachters
from every state.
You stand on the sideline,
you want us to wait,
but the tide it is turning
it will soon be too late
as the future is set to start aging.
So you please come along
or be left on your own,
cause the old Europe is changing.

Come gather you sceptics
and tell me your lies.
You don’t understand
what you do criticise.
You cling to the past,
while you know it can’t last
and the borders are rapidly fading.
So you’d better tune in
or you’ll sink like a stone
cause the old Europe is changing

Come gather round citizens,
wherever you roam.
The nations of Europe
Are no longer alone.
They’ve been fighting each other
In vicious wars,
But they don’t feel like waging no wars anymore.
We learned it the hard way,
But we try to create
A Union of Citizens and Member States.
Yes, we’ve learned it the hard way, but we try to create

A Union of Citizens and Member States