Politici en de pers over EUROCRACY

'Geniaal eenvoudig'

A vos dés, citoyens européens!

Ganzenbord voor genieën

The ultimate Christmas-present for Romano Prodi!

The Sunday Times: Forget the aspirations behind treaties, you know something is going to be a reality when it is turned into a board game. Welcome to Eurocracy, in which the European Union has become a single country. The instructions say it only takes an hour.

The game that challenges the new Europe.

VRT: Eurocratie is door de Belgische regering ter gelegenheid van de top in Brussel uitgegeven om de burgers meer bij Europa te betrekken.

Spannung, Spaß und eine Vision, das bietet das neue Brettspiel Eurokratie

Universität Mainz
Weitaus das beste Europaspiel

Sicco Mansholt
Wat een onzin allemaal!

The European
The imaginitive boardgame of 21th century Europe

Sabine Christiansen
Ein affengeiles Machtsspiel!

Europe Today
Not another buzzword from the Commission, but an intriguing boardgame.

Neil Kinnock
'You've squared the circle!'

Sir Edward Heath
'That's what I've been working for all my life!'

European Voice
A unique combination of vision and fun

Tony Blair
'When I was President of the European Union, you know..' (in Newsnight)

The Executive.nl
Eurocracy: Me for President!